Pawtastic country fun

Doggy Daycare Nelson is all about dogs having a fun filled day within a supervised and secure country setting.

We provide indoor and outdoor opportunities for dogs to play and socialize in a variety of play arenas, fostering natural behaviour and learning within group situations. Power naps on warm cosy bedding is part of their daily routine, then it’s back out to play, run and chase toys with each other.

We promise to look after your dog like one of our own and return him to you very tired and very happy, each time.

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Meet the Team

Hi I'm Leanne,

I’m the Owner of Doggy Daycare Nelson Ltd. Along with the rest of the team, Steph the 2IC, Lorraine who does Monday afternoons and Tuesdays, Ann who is our fantastic Happy Yappy Puppy Van driver and supervisor on Wednesday, Billy who does supervision on Wednesday mornings and the lawn and garden care, we also have Paige who does the Friday shift and Carole who is starting on the second Happy Yappy Puppy Run.

I love my job, it's a dream that I've had for a long time. All my life I have been in love with dogs and just about all other animals, my brother always had great fun in teasing me about walking any animal I could get a lead on.

I'm a qualified Vet Nurse of 8 years experience. I did both the Animal Care and the Certificate in Veterinary Nursing through our Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in 2004. I then went onto work for Richmond Veterinary Clinic until 2010 doing everything from cleaning cages to cleaning pet’s teeth!

I became involved in the Nelson ARK during my time at Richmond Vet Clinic, when they desperately needed foster families. Through my time with them my family took on 18 dogs from 13 courses. We went on to adopt Louie who you will all meet, he's the one who will try and steal your glasses.

I'm really looking forward to meeting all the dogs that come to Doggy Daycare Nelson and getting to know their different personalities and to see them go home happy at the end of the day. My main focus is in making sure that the dogs are stimulated and entertained while they are with us, we want your dog to be in a home away from home (if not better!)

We always strive to make sure that all our Fur Kids are happy, safe and in the best health they can be please ask us if you have any queries that we may be able to help you with. Our aim to make Daycare the place to be for the most loved canines in the Nelson Area.

Hi I’m Steph, and I am the Second in Command at Doggy Daycare Nelson Ltd

I have been involved with dogs for all of my life in some way or another, including my own dogs, a Doberman Pinscher and Alaskan Malamute. I worked for The Nelson ARK for 10 years (2004-2014) in various roles, including Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Administration, Volunteer for the APART course & Doggy Daycare at the kennel club before we opened at Stonehurst Farm.

Before this I was working in Supermarket's as a Checkout Supervisor and Liquor Duty Manager. In 2015 I finished my other job of 5 years working with young people at The Open Home Foundation's Family Home (St. Andrews). My parents were the family home parents from 2010 – 2015 and so I helped out with cleaning & babysitting. When the opportunity came, I finished so I could do Doggy Daycare more days a week! I am also an Independent Scentsy Consultant!

My experience is in the canine field of Service Dogs for the Disabled and work with therapy dogs. I also hold qualifications in Animal Assisted Activities & Therapy through Harcum College in the USA, Companion Animal Services and Animal Industry Services. I also have Retail and First Aid certificates completed in New Zealand. In 2012 I completed my Diploma in Professional Photography. Early 2015 I completed a Diploma in Canine Behaviour. Late 2015 I completed my Certificate in Small Business Management.

I do all the photography for Doggy Daycare Nelson Ltd and find it great fun getting those action shots when they are in the big paddocks with lots of room to zoom. I look forward to spending my days with your beloved pets and making them feel like daycare is a home away from home and of course meeting you!

Warmly, Steph.

Lorraine's the name, Dogs are my special game, to help me stay sane.

The first dog I owned was a golden lab in 1982, she was followed by a very energetic Border Collie. An advert in the Nelson Mail for puppy walkers for Guide Dog Services lead me to apply along with 20+ others to which I was lucky to be accepted. I walked 7 puppies between 2001-2009. Some made guide dogs, some didn't. I was lucky enough to get a Munsterlander back as he didn't make the grade in 2007.

When the Nelson Ark was starting up they approached me regarding fostering dogs for them. I agreed and sometimes I could have up to 5 dogs around my home (my dogs, guide dogs and foster dogs). The very first dog I fostered for the Ark I adopted. I have so far fostered 14 dogs for the Ark.

I now have the honour and privilege of being able to care for your precious four legged fluffies, truly my dream job.

Hi. I was born in the UK and immigrated to South Africa in 1970. My first dog was a brindle boxer in 1975, which coincided with my first child. More dogs followed in the ensuing years (but no more children), 4 more Boxers, 3 German Shepherds, 2 Standard Poodles, 1 Cocker Spaniel, 1 Australian Shepherd and 1 Mixed Breed. At one point I owned 6 dogs at one time. I became interested in dog training and thereafter a trainer. I completed in obedience competitions and won a championship with my Shepherd, Nicky.

On moving to Natal in South Africa I ran my own dog training school for 15 years and became a registered breeder of Boxers. As the years passed and my pets also, the decision to move to New Zealand was made. My daughter was a resident in New Zealand and there is no better reason to move than to be with family.

Whilst waiting for paperwork to be processed by New Zealand Immigration and not wanting to be without dogs, I fostered 23 dogs of various breeds for a rescue society called Project Dog. I did so over a three year period. I was able to give the dog’s basic training and social skills whilst they were waiting for their forever homes.

Once in New Zealand I became a volunteer for Doggy Daycare Nelson in August 2014 and subsequently employed as the driver of the first “Happy Yappy Puppy Van”. So now I have fulfilled (in one way) the ambition I had when leaving school to be a chauffeur! I have recently completed a certificate in Pet CPR, First Aid and Care.

I love working and watching the inter-action between the dogs whilst at Doggy Daycare Nelson Ltd.

Hi I'm Billy. My passion for dogs is what brought me to Doggy Daycare Nelson. I live with Marshall and Olive – the two Frenchies. All my life I have wanted to work in the animal field. My parents owned a boarding kennel when I was younger and this started my love of dogs.

I get to hang out with the dogs on Wednesday and do any relieving that Leanne and Steph need me to. I also have control of the grounds so you'll see me zipping around on the mower keeping the place spick and span.

I love my time hanging out with the dogs and couldn't be a happier person, it's my dream job.

Hi, my dog Jake attends Doggy Daycare every Tuesday and Thursday. I am one of the Happy Yappy Puppy Van drivers, so if you live in Nelson you may well see me pulling into your drive to pick up your precious Fur-Kid.

I have always loved dogs and our previous Labrador was a great family dog who assisted in the upbringing of my children. I also have two Fur-Grandkids who spend a lot of time at our place chilling with Jake.